Who are we?

Forensix Design is a professional service firm owned by founding members Chris Kahanek, PE, SE, AIA and Forensix Consulting, LLC. The team at Forensix Consulting provides significant expertise and manpower support for Forensix Design.

What do we do?

We are a professional service firm practicing civil engineering, structural engineering, and architecture. We focus on evaluation and design services for existing properties with deterioration, damage, and deficiencies. Services offered in collaboration with Forensix Consulting include:

  • Storm, fire, and earthquake damage repair design
  • Seismic retrofit design
  • Historic building evaluation and restoration design
  • California balcony (EEE) inspections
  • Seismic evaluations (ASCE 41 Tier 1/2/3)
  • Nonstructural seismic evaluations (FEMA E-74)
  • Property Condition Assessments (ASTM E2018)
  • Evaluations for HOA Reserve Studies
  • Property claim response
  • Builder's Risk claim response
  • Construction & design defect litigation support
  • Code compliance consulting
  • Vibration analysis
  • Dispute resolution
  • Trial testimony
  • Multi-discipline project management

Why choose us?

We stay focused on the fact that we provide professional service; we serve people, and communication is the single most important factor driving the success of our projects. We believe in thorough communication with our clients about issues as they arise, and we utilize advanced field equipment and web platforms to enable that communication.

From a technical perspective, as true architect-engineers we embrace challenges that are ignored or overlooked by the 'not-in-my-scope' engineers. To name a few: 'nonstructural' walls and braces, atypical flashing and waterproofing, ground-supported concrete slabs, etc.

What is our experience?

Forensix Design may be a new company, but it is built upon decades of experience at several established and respected engineering firms. Examples of completed projects in our portfolio:

  • Iconic museums, performance, and entertainment venues
  • Elementary schools in California (DSA)
  • Grading and drainage for large mixed-use developments
  • Multi-story and unreinforced masonry buildings with severe earthquake damage
  • An industrial facility severely damaged by explosion and fire
  • Post-tensioned towers and parking structures

Where are we?

Forensix Design will find a way to help wherever you need us. We have extensive past work experience outside of the United States in Guam, Puerto Rico, Dubai, China, New Zealand, and Mexico, and we continue to pursue international opportunities with enthusiasm.

Forensix has offices in North Texas, Central Texas, Phoenix, and Southern California.

Why 'SIX'?

The name of ForenSIX was inspired by the 'Six Pillars of Character', the core values identified by the organization Character Counts!. These values - kindergarten playground rules - are an excellent moral base for professional service firms like Forensix. Their origin in a world completely separate from the AEC industry is refreshing.


We strive to be honest in all situations and honor our commitments. This can be a challenge in an industry full of unpleasant suprises. We address the unexpected with thorough, clear communication.


Our work can involve contentious and adversarial situations. We maintain a tone of respect in all interactions and believe in the healing power of courtesy and empathy.


We hold ourselves accountable and expect the same from others. Professional engineers are guardians of the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and this duty is held above profit or personal gain.


We often have more technical knowledge than our clients (the reason they hire us), and we are careful to not take advantage. We obey the laws of the land and the ethical rules of our profession.


Construction is a business full of sharp elbows. We rise above the fray by being kind and compassionate, expressing gratitude when others treat us well in return.


We have specialized knowledge that can benefit our local community. We strive to contribute to our local school, community, and religious organizations.

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